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On The Existence of q-Fano Planes
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Niv Hooker, M.Sc. Thesis Seminar
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Wednesday, 24.1.2018, 16:30
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Taub 601
A q-Steiner System S_q(t,k,n) is set S of k-subspaces in a space of dimension n over a finite field, such that each t-subspace of the same space is contained in exactly one subspace from S. They have applications in random network Coding, but except for one set of parameters for which t>1, their existence is unknown. Specifically, the q-Fano plane S_q(2,3,7) is the smallest structure for which its existence is unknown. In the seminar I will show construction of a structure that might be a step forward in the way to a construction of a q-Fano Plane.
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