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Haifux, Haifa Linux Club: VoIP in Linux
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Rami Rosen
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Monday, 15.2.2010, 18:30
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Taub 6
VoIP is an emerging and exciting technology. We will deal with the basics of VoIP protocols and we will discuss some Linux VoIP applications. We will also discuss VOIP with cellular phones (like Android).

VOIP protocols:

- RTP - Real Time protocol.

- RTCP - Real Time control protocol.


Codecs (audio and video):

- SIP -the Session Initiation Protocol.

  --Sip Requests and Sip Responses.

  --The INVITE, REGISTER and Byerequests.


SIP clients and Sip Proxy servers:

- Open source sip clients:

  --Ekiga, formerly GnomeMeeting.

  --SipDroid (running under Android).


Open source sip server (kamailio and opensips, formerly SER).
Voip with Cellular devices (Android)


Note: this lecture does not require any previous background in VoIP.



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