­­­­­Algorithms for Dynamic Memory Management (236780)

(Spring 2014)


Instructor: Erez Petrank, erezcs.technion.ac.il

Office: Taub 528, tel. 4942.

Teaching Assistant: Nachshon Cohen.



           The first lecture will take place on the second week of the semester on Monday 10/3. I will not be in Israel on Monday 3/3.



Home Exerci­­­ses (in Hebrew):

         Exercise 1.  ­­­


         Lecture 1: Intro + mark-sweep.

         Lecture 2: Compaction.

         Lecture 3: Copying.

        Lecture 4: Generations and Train.

        Lecture 5: Dijkstra & DLG.






Previous Tests (in Hebrew):

         MOED A, Winter 2009-10.

         MOED B, Winter 2009-10.

         MOED A, Winter 2010-11.

         MOED B, Winter 2010-11.

         MOED A, Winter 2011-12.

         MOED B, Winter 2011-12.

         MOED A, Winter 2012-13.




         Course syllabus (in Hebrew)

         Prerequisites: Algorithms 1  and  Operating Systems


Each student will have to solve "dry" home exercises and pass the final test.

Course Book:

A new book "The Garbage Collection Handbook: The Art of Automatic Memory Management" just came out (see this link), and is available in the library.

An older book: Garbage Collection: algorithms for automatic dynamic memory management by Jones and Lins is also relevant.

A link to this book in the Technion libraries can be found here.

Check also Richard Jones's Garbage Collection Page.