­­­­­Algorithms for Dynamic Memory Management (236780)

(Spring 2014)


Instructor: Erez Petrank, erezcs.technion.ac.il

Office: Taub 528, tel. 4942.

Teaching Assistant: Nachshon Cohen.



         Due to a request by the students’ representative, the third homework is modified to be a MAGEN. It would nevertheless be a very good idea to solve it before the test.

         I will have reception hours before the test on Wednesday 2/7 10:00—11:00.

         As announce in the beginning of the course, the test will be in closed material, and it will be similar in structure to previous tests.

         I was asked to specify which slides from the 5th lecture have not been taught (and are not in the material for the test). So you can skip slides starting at 65 (titled “A Problem with Graying Old”) and until (including) Slide 71 (titled “Solution: Add another h.s.”).  

           We will have a supplemental hour and proceed for three hours in a row 10:30 – 13:30 on Monday June 23rd.

           There will be no lecture on Monday June 9th. We will meet again on Monday June 16th.

           The first lecture will take place on the second week of the semester on Monday 10/3. I will not be in Israel on Monday 3/3.



Home Exerci­­­ses (in Hebrew):

         Exercise 1.  ­­­

         Exercise 2. 

         Exercise 3.  ­­­



         Lecture 1: Intro + mark-sweep.

         Lecture 2: Compaction.

         Lecture 3: Copying.

         Lecture 4: Generations and Train.

         Lecture 5: Dijkstra & DLG.

         Lecture 6: Mostly Concurrent (IBM).

         Lecture 7: Parallel.

         Lecture 8: Snapshot and Sliding Views.

         Lecture 9: Reference Counting.

         Lecture 10: Cycle Collection & Compressor.

         Lecture 11: Cache-Conscious & Allocation & Real-Time.




Previous Tests (in Hebrew):

         MOED A, Winter 2009-10.

         MOED B, Winter 2009-10.

         MOED A, Winter 2010-11.

         MOED B, Winter 2010-11.

         MOED A, Winter 2011-12.

         MOED B, Winter 2011-12.

         MOED A, Winter 2012-13.




         Course syllabus (in Hebrew)

         Prerequisites: Algorithms 1  and  Operating Systems


Each student will have to solve "dry" home exercises and pass the final test.

Course Book:

A new book "The Garbage Collection Handbook: The Art of Automatic Memory Management" just came out (see this link), and is available in the library.

An older book: Garbage Collection: algorithms for automatic dynamic memory management by Jones and Lins is also relevant.

A link to this book in the Technion libraries can be found here.

Check also Richard Jones's Garbage Collection Page.