Secure Computation in Hostile Environments

דניאל גנקין, הרצאה סמינריונית לדוקטורט
יום ראשון, 8.5.2016, 11:00
טאוב 601
Prof. Yuval Ishai and Dr. Eran Tromer

The ubiquitous nature of computer systems means that they often operate in hostile environments where they are subjected to various attacks by adversarial parties. The purpose of such attacks varies, ranging from simply corrupting the system's behaviour to a complete extraction of otherwise-unavailable secret information. My research explores theoretical and practical aspects of designing computer systems which can securely operate in hostile environments. In the talk I will describe two aspects of my research: 1. The vulnerability of computer systems to side-channel attacks designed to extract externally-unavailable secret information. 2. The design of secure multiparty computation protocols which guarantee the security of distributed computations even in the presence on an active adversary. Our protocols are based novel techniques for designing circuits resilient to specific types of attacks, which might be of independent interest. The talk will include live and edible demonstrations.

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