Pixel Club Seminar: Single Image Head Orientation and Gaze Detection

ג'רמי קמינסקי (מ"מ, מכון טכנולוגי, חולון)
יום שלישי, 30.11.2010, 11:30
חדר 337, בניין טאוב למדעי המחשב

We introduce a system to compute both head orientation and gaze detection from a single image. The system uses a camera with fixed parameters and requires no user calibration.

Our approach to head orientation is based on a geometrical model of the human face, and is derived from morphological and physiological data. Eye gaze detection is based on a geometrical model of the human eye. Two new algorithms are introduced that require either two or three feature points to be extracted from each image.

Our algorithms are robust and run in real-time on a typical PC, which makes our system useful for a large variety of needs, from driver attention monitoring to machine-human interaction.

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