Bioinformatics Forum: Alignment of Trees and Directed Acyclic Graphs in Computational Biology

גבריאל וליאנטה (אונ' קטלוניה)
יום רביעי, 22.4.2009, 13:30
טאוב 701

Bioinformatics Forum: It is well known that the string edit distance and the alignment of strings coincide, while the alignment of trees differs from the tree edit distance. In this talk, we recall various constraints on directed acyclic graphs that allow for a unique (up to isomorphism) representation, called the path multiplicity representation, and present a new method for the alignment of trees and directed acyclic graphs that exploits the path multiplicity representation to produce a meaningful optimal alignment in polynomial time. The alignment of trees and directed acyclic graphs in computational biology will be illustrated by the alignment of phylogenetic trees and networks.

Host: Ron Pinter

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