Computer Science Research Day, June 21 2011

Computer Science Research Day, June 21 2011
On Tuesday, June 21 2011, between 15:00-17:30, the Computer Science Department will hold its third Research Day for graduate studies in the lobby of the CS Taub Building. During the event, our graduate students will present their researches using posters and presentations. In addition to faculty and graduate and undergraduate students, the event will host senior managers from the hi-tech industry, including Dell, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Rafael, Sandisk, Yahoo! and others.

The participating researches:

Theory of Computer Science
Poster no. 1 - Noa Elgrabli: Prefetching in Web Applications
Poster no. 2 - Roy Levin: An Interactive Approach to Route Search
Poster no. 3 - Avihai Mejer: Confidence Estimation in Structured Prediction
Poster no. 4 - Anat Paskin: Cherniavsky: From Randomizing Polynomials to Parallel Algorithms
Poster no. 5 - Gal Tamir: Algorithms for Combinatorial Reoptimization

Poster no. 6 - Anastasia Braginsky: Lock-Free B+tree
Poster no. 7 - Muli Ben-Yehuda: Rethinking IOMMU Address Translation
Poster no. 8 - Yotam Elor: Multi-Robot Cooperative Localization Under Independent Errors
Poster no. 9 - Gilad Kutiel: Cost-Aware Live Migration of Services in the Cloud
Poster no. 10 - Keren Lenz: The use of overloading in Java programs

Artificial Intelligence and World Wide Web
Poster no. 11 - Vadim Eisenberg: Ruby on Semantic Web
Poster no. 12
- Hanna Fadida: Automatic Acquisition of Subcategorization Frames for Hebrew Verbs
Poster no. 13 - Anat Hashavit: Max-Prob: An Unbiased Rational Decision Making Procedure for Multiple-Adversary Environments
Poster no. 14 - Kayla Jacobs: Extracting Hebrew Acronyms and Constructing an Acronym Dictionary from Corpora
Poster no. 15 - Naama Kraus: Context-Sensitive Query Auto-Completion
Poster no. 16 - Omer Levy: Teaching Machines to Learn by Metaphor
Poster no. 17 - Lila Shnaidermnan: Parallel Twig Joins - Multicore XML Query Processing
Poster no. 18 - Dudu Yanay: Supervise Learning of Semantic Relatedness

Intelligent Systems and Scientific Computation
Poster no. 19 - Meir Cohen: Detecting Mutual Awareness Events
Poster no. 20 - Anastasia Dubrovina: Non-rigid Shape Matching Using Surface Descriptors And Metric Structures
Poster no. 21 - Raja Giryes: Iterative Cosparse Projection Algorithms for the Recovery of Cosparse
Poster no. 22 - Igor Kviatkovsky: Color Invariants for Person Re-Identification
Poster no. 23 - Eli Osherovich: Sparsity Based Bandwidth Extrapolation, aka Super (Difficult) Resolution
Poster no. 24 - Yossi Shtok: Supervised Learning Methods for Image Reconstruction in Computed Tomography for Radiation-Dose Reduction
Poster no. 25 - Eran Treister: A Multilevel Approach for L1 Penalized Least Squares Minimization
Poster no. 26 - Javier Turek: On MMSE and MAP Denoising Under Sparse Representation Modeling Over a Unitary Dictionary
Poster no. 27 - Roman Zeyde: Computational Electrokinetzics: Numerical Solution of Ion-Exchangers' Dynamics

Poster no. 28 - Limor Leibovich: Efficient Algorithmics for Motif Discovery In Ranked Lists
Poster no. 29 - Israel Steinfeld: miRNA-mRNA Integrative Analysis in Primary Breast Cancer
Poster no. 30 - Naama Tepper: Toward a Holistic Understanding of Steady-State Metabolism
Poster no. 31 - Edward Vitkin: Functional Genomics Based Approach for Reconstruction of Genome Scale Metabolic Network Models

Past Research Day events of 2007, 2009, and winning posters from 2009 Research Day poster contest.

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