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Research areas: cryptography and cryptanalysis, differential and linear cryptanalysis, quantum cryptography and quantum computation.

CYBERDAY 2015    יום עיון בסייבר ואבטחת מידע (cyberday.org) July 29, 2015
CRYPTODAY    יום עיון בקריפטולוגיה (cryptoday.org)
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מדינת מעקב - המאגר הביומטרי ומאגרים אחרים - מאמר במגאזין ארץ אחרת
The SHAvite-3 hash function
A Framework for Iterative Hash Functions --- HAIFA
Py (Roo) Py (Roo) - A Fast and Secure Stream Cipher using Rolling Arrays
         Pypy (Roopy) Pypy (Roopy) - Another version of Py
         TPy (TRoo) Tweaking the IV Setup of the Py Family of Stream Ciphers --- The Ciphers TPy, TPypy, and TPy6
         The Truth on TPy
Tiger - a Fast New Cryptographic Hash Function
Serpent - A New Block Cipher Proposal for AES
The Nessie project
      Test vectors of NESSIE submissions and other primitives
Slides of my invited Talk in Indocrypt 2000:
      On the Selection of the Advanced Encryption Standard.
Slides of my invited Talk in SAC 2004: New Results on Sha-0 and SHA-1.
Slides of my invited Talk in the hash functions workshop in Krakow,
      June 2005: Recent Advances in Hash Functions: The Way to Go.
Slides of my RUMP session talk in FSE 2006:
      Pypy: Another Version of Py (pronounce Roopy or Rupee).


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In memory of my grandfathers Philip Biham and Zvi Brachiahu (in Hebrew)
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Eli Biham
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