Toolbox Archive

An archive of previous versions of the Matlab packages, from the very first public releases. Note that OMP-Box v8 and lower and KSVD-Box v9 and lower were provided precompiled, and may not work on all Matlab platforms.

OMP-Box v7, April 15 2008
OMP-Box v8, May 29 2008
OMP-Box v8, Matlab Win 2008a Binaries
OMP-Box v9, May 21 2009
OMP-Box v10, October 18 2009

OMPS-Box v1, October 18 2009

KSVD-Box v7, April 18 2008
KSVD-Box v8, May 29 2008
KSVD-Box v9, Nov 30 2008
KSVD-Box v10, May 21 2009
KSVD-Box v11, August 3 2009
KSVD-Box v12, August 24 2009
KSVD-Box v13, October 18 2009

KSVDS-Box v11, October 18 2009
KSVDS-Box v11-min, October 18 2009

News Archive

An archive of all news announcements posted on the website since 2008.

May 29 2008: OMP-Box v8 and KSVD-Box v8 are now available, and introduce some new features and bug fixes.

Nov 30 2008: KSVD-Box v9 has been published, and corrects a few minor bugs. A version of OMP for Matlab 2008a (Win32) has been added.

May 21 2009: OMP-Box v9 and KSVD-Box v10 have been released! This is a major update which includes the complete source code for compiling the MEX files on any Matlab platform (packages were tested on Matlab 2007 and 2008 versions). Also included in this update are new demos, readme and faq files, and more!

August 3 2009: KSVD-Box v11 has been released, and adds 1-D signal denoising.

August 24 2009: KSVD-Box v12 has been released! This version optimizes several parts of the K-SVD implementation, and achieves faster running times and lower memory requirements.

October 18 2009: KSVDS-Box and OMPS-Box have been released! These new packages implement the OMP and K-SVD algorithms for sparse dictionaries, as introduced in our recent paper. Also published are KSVD-Box v13 and OMP-Box v10, which further decrease memory consumption, accelerate computation, and resolve a few minor bugs.

October 10 2010: Scorch v14 has been released! This is the first public release of the package, which attempts to re-create the classic DOS game Scorched Earth in Matlab. You can find it in the Software section of the website. Enjoy!

October 10 2010: The slides from my Ph.D. seminar are now online! They can be found in the Research section of the website, under Talks.

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