On Prediction Using Variable Order Markov Models - Companion Site
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This is a companion site for the paper ``On Prediction Using Variable Order Markov Models'' by Begleiter, El-Yaniv and Yona. The paper is concerned with algorithms for prediction of discrete sequences over a finite alphabet, using variable order Markov models. We discuss, in the paper, the properties of six prominent prediction algorithms and compare their performance using real life sequences from three domains: proteins, English text and music pieces. The comparison is made with respect to prediction quality as measured by the average log-loss. We also compare classification algorithms based on these predictors with respect to a number of large protein classification tasks.
In this site we provide: in the code section, full source code of the six VMM algorithms, and in the datasets section links to the datasets we used.
We encourage you to contact us, and will be glad to assist with any related issue.