author =	"S. Cohen and G. Elber and R. Bar-Yehuda",
    title =	"Matching of Freeform Curves",
    journal =	"Computer Aided Design",
    volume =	"29",
    number =	"5",
    year =	"1997",
    pages =	"369--378",
    abstract =	"Freeform parametric curves are extensively
       employed in various fields such as computer graphics,
       computer vision, and geometric modeling. While many
       applications exploit and combine univariate curve entities
       into more complex forms such as surfaces, the problem of a
       fair or even optimal {\em relative} parameterization, under
       some norm, has been rarely considered.  In this work, we
       present a scheme that closely approximate the optimal
       relative matching between two or even $n$ given freeform
       curves, under a user's prescribed norm.
       This matching is computed as a reparametrization of $n-1$ of
       the curves that can be applied explicitly using composition.
       The proposed matching algorithm is completely automatic and
       it has been successfully employed in several different
       applications that are also demonstrated herein: metamorphosis
       of freeform curves with feature preservations, self
       intersection free ruled surface construction, and automatic
       matching of rail curves of blending surfaces.",