author =       "R. Bar-Yehuda and S. Kutten",
  title =        "Fault Tolerant Distributed Majority Commitment",
  journal =      "Journal of Algorithms",
  pages =        "568--582",
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  year =         "1988",
  abstract =     " The problem of leader election in an
      asynchronous communication network with some faulty edges
      (and nodes) is studied. The election is needed in such cases
      in order to reorganize the network after failures have
      occurred. We present a fault-tolerant algorithm which
      guarantees commitment.  The total number of messages is
      $O(n^2)$ and each message is $O(\log(MaxId))$ bits
      (where $n$ is the number of nodes and {\em MaxId} is the
      maximum identity).
      This improves a previous fault-tolerant algorithm. The
      algorithm can be used in networks in which message
      transmission is not restricted to the FIFO discipline. Thus the
      memory (or the time and messages) needed to simulate the FIFO
      discipline, is saved. The memory space needed in each node is
      only $O(NodeDegree + \log(MaxId))$
      (which is optimal when {\em MaxId} $= n^{O(1)}$).",