author =       "R. Bar-Yehuda and O. Goldreich and A. Itai",
  title =        "Efficient Emulation of Single-Hop Radio Network with
                 Collision Detection on Multi-Hop Radio Network with no
                 Collision Detection",
  journal =      "Distributed Computing",
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  number =       "2",
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  year =         "1991",
  abstract =     "This paper presents an efficient randomized
       emulation of {\em single-hop} radio network {\em with}
       collision detection on {\em multi-hop} radio network
       {\em without} collision detection. Each step of the
       single-hop network is emulated by $O \left (\left ( D+\log
       \frac{n}{\epsilon} \right ) \log \Delta \right)$
       rounds of the multi-hop network and succeeds with probability
       $\geq 1 - \epsilon$. ($n$ is the number of processors, $D$ the
       diameter and $\Delta$ the maximum degree). It is shown how to
       emulate any polynomial algorithm such that the probability of
       failure remains $\leq \epsilon$. A consequence of the
       emulation is an efficient randomized algorithm for
       choosing a leader in a multi-hop network.",