Short Bio

I'm a former gradute student at the Computer Science Department of the Technion in Israel (MSc, July 2015), working with Prof. Eran yahav. My research focuses on the use of Machine and Deep Learning techniques for Programming tasks, a field we call Programming Language Processing. Our goal is to ease the life of those who write code and to increase the amount of people who can code.
I also lead a R&D team that investigates new algorithms and technologies and a gradute of Psagot program.


code2vec: Learning Distributed Representations of Code

Uri Alon, Meital Zilberstein, Omer Levy, Eran Yahav.
[pdf][Online demo]

A General Path-Based Representation for Predicting Program

Uri Alon, Meital Zilberstein, Omer Levy, Eran Yahav.

Leveraging a Corpus of Natural Language Descriptions for Program Similarity

Meital Zilberstein and Eran Yahav
[pdf] [slides]

Code Similarity via Natural Language Descriptions

Meital Ben Sinai and Eran Yahav
[pdf] [slides] [talk] [dissertation]

Exploiting Social Navigation

Meital Ben Sinai, Nimrod Partush, Shir Yadid and Eran Yahav

While being an undergrad student, I took part of a cool project that gained worldwide media coverage. Our goal was to test whether Waze is susceptible to Sybil Attack.


In the news: The hacker news, Popular science, The Jerusalem post, Wired, etc.
[pdf] [video]

Tracking Users ( & Spoofing )

[pdf] [slides] [talk]

Personal Info

I live in Ra'anana, Israel and work as a R&D team lead. My awesome husband is Ran Zilberstein, which is also a CS gradute, so we have lots in common. Our son, Ethan born in December 2017. During my free time I love to run, cook, travel and capturing the world from my angle.


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