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Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  Costa Rica and Panama
March 2009
Climbing Kilimanjaro - February 2008
Washington, Utah, Arizona - Aug-Oct 2007
Alaska - June 2008
WA 2009-2010

St. Helens, WA, USA

Everest, Nepal

Wadi Hasa - May 2007
Petra and Wadi Rum - October 2005


India and Nepal
August - October 2006

Tuscany - May 2006
Sicily - April 2005

Florence, Italy

Triglav, Slovenia
Travels in Israel (in Hebrew)

Golan Trail - October 2008
Shvil Israel-The Israeli Trek - Sep-Oct 2005
July 2005
  New Zealand
Nov 2003 - Feb 2004

Milford trek, NZ

Wadi Hasa, Jordan
  Laos and Thailand
August - September 2002

September 2001  

September 2000

Milford trek, NZ

Shvil Israel

Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador
December 1998 - May 1999




New Zealand Slovenia Kenya India USA Italy Jordan Tanzania




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Watching animals on Corcovado trek, Costa Rica.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Washington State Hiking Tips 2007, USA, 2009-2010

Wadi Hasa, Jordan

Gosaikund trek (frozen lakes), Nepal

Everest Base Camp trek, Nepal

Climbing Stok Kangri, Ladakh, India

Darcha Padum trek, Ladakh, India

Pizzo d'Uccello trek, Tuscani, Italy

Climbing Mount Triglav, Slovenia

Climbing Mount Kenya, Kenya

All hikes in Israel (in Hebrew)

Golan Heights Trail, Israel - Available also in English

Shvil Israel - The Israeli Trek, Israel

Nahal Ashelim (Ashelim Wadi), Israel

Nahal Dragot (Dragot Wadi), Israel

Nahal Peres and Nahal Tsafit, Israel

Golan Heights - various interesting places, Israel

Hermon Mountain, Israel

Our Wish list (not an exhaustive list)

TMB - Tour du Mont Blanc

Isle Royale National Park - Across Isle Royale by Foot

Appalachian Trail

The Camino - the route to Santiago de Compostela, more on The Camino

GR5 - The Grande Randonnée 5

Elbrus, the highest summit in Europe

The list of the best treks in the world, according to Ynet

Mountaineering in Turkey

Efrat Nakash travels wedsite - just pick any trek and go

Ruwenzori (Uganda)

Aconcagua, http://www.aconcagua110.com/

The dangerous treks in the world (Hebrew)


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