Exploring Washington State (and more), USA

Aug-Oct 2007



Mount Rainier is the highest mountain in WA (14410 ft, 4392 m) and this is why we picked it to start this year's hiking season. Soon we plan to go back to complete the 2-days climb to the peak.


Cascade Pass in the North Cascades National Park, is considered one of the most beautiful hikes in WA. It was our first bears experience in North America. Gabi got excited from the enormous amount of the best quality mushrooms!


St. Helens is the most mysteries forest one can think of. The trek rewards the hikers with an unlimited amount of berries - strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and other unrecognized berries.


Sailing in Washington Lake, Seattle. We tried a new kind of adventure, which ended up with a broken engine and almost crashing into a huge ship in the middle of the lake. The one not born to sail, better stick to walking...

  Mt. Pugh is one of the nicest one-day walks in WA (Snoqualmie National Forest). Although the non-technical climb might be considered challenging by some, the views from the peak are truly awarding.  

Zion National Park (Utah), Grand Canyon - North Rim (Arizona) After 3 months of snowy peaks, we have decided to head to the desert. Zion park reminded us of Wadi Hasa in Jordan, however, the Americans did not think about heating the water. Grand Canyon was really different than the one in Haifa. We could not stop admiring it until the sunset brought full darkness. Arizona Trail is now waiting for Li-Tal.

WA Hikes - 2007
Mt Rainier (Skyline Trail hike), North Cascades (Cascade Pass / Sahale Arm Trail), St Helens (Boundary trail and South Coldwater trail), Mt Pugh, Mt Whistler (BC), Olympic Peninsula

WA Hikes - 2009-2010



Grand Canyon, the view from the North Rim


Angel Lake, Olympic National Park


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