Wadi Hasa (Nahal Zered)  - Jordan - May 2007




During the Shavuot holiday of May 2007 we have decided to go trekking in Wadi Hasa (also known as "Sil Hisa" or Nahal Zered - Zered River).
After a long night drive we reached Eilat and with no further delay crossed the border right with its opening at 6:30. Short taxi drive took us to the Aqaba market where we met our Arabic friends, Elana, Daniel and Erez. Definitely the best way to start the day in Aqaba is with Humus. After we bought some food in the market we took a two and a half hours bus to Tafila (just 2JD). The bus station in Aqaba to Tafila and Karak is next to the big Mosque. From Tafila we took a half hour taxi to the start of the trek. We started the trek from Hamam Burbeta (in the Hebrew map you don't see Hamam Burbeta, but it is about 5 km east to point 4, coming from point 5). It is also possible to start from Hamam Ofra (number 1 in the map). We walked for a couple of hours, passing Beduin tomato fields, until we reached Wadi Ofra and Wadi Hasa conjunction (number 4 in the map), where we found a beautiful place to spend the night.

From here it was two amazing days of an easy walk in the hot water of Wadi Hasa, crossing waterfalls, hot red streams as well as cold streams of drinkable water (this allowed us not to carry a lot of water). Be prepared to stop every 100 meters at every hot water jacuzzi pool, water stream or just a beautiful green oasis spot in the middle of the desert. We spend the second night at the entrance to an amazing Wadi El Katara (number 9 in the map), which definitely worth an additional short side walk.

The third day was even greater than the first. Although it was our third day of walking in the water, we still couldn't stop enjoying the beauty of Wadi Hasa. The Wadi changes its shape and colors along the way. At the end, the canyon turns red. The Wadi ends near the small village Safi (Zafi), from which it is possible to catch a drive to the main Arava road or a taxi all the way to Aqaba.

Although it took us 3 days to finish the walk (including the first walk-in day), we took a very slow pace, enjoying every moment and spot. The same walk can be also done in two days. No special equipment, such as abseiling, is needed in this walk. We recommend to use old sport shoes, sneakers or hiking boots (do NOT walk in sandals!).




Wadi Hasa map
1:100,000 in Hebrew

Wadi Hasa and the surroundings
map 1:100,000 - in Russian





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