Gabi and Li-Tal Mountaineering


  Speed Ascend on Mt. Rainier
One day, 10.5 hours, Paradise to Camp Muir to the Summit and back
September 2011
Gabi, Win and Blair
Also, a training run up to Camp Muir a week before
Climbing Mt. Baker via Coleman glacier
July 2011
Gabi and Alin
Climbing Mt. Adams via South Spur
August 2010
Gabi, Li-Tal and Alin
  Mt. Baker Mountaineering Course
Crevasse Rescue and Glacier Travel Course on Mt. Baker
June 2010
Gabi, Li-Tal, Alin, Nasa, and
Mike from KAF Adventures
Climbing Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
5895 meter, February 2008
Gabi and Li-Tal
Climbing Stok Kangri Mountain, Ladakh, India
~6000 meter, September 2006
Gabi and Li-Tal