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Distributed and Parallel Computing, Grid and P2P systems


Distributed and Parallel Computing links:

Introduction to Parallel Computing - a great link explaining what is "parallel computing"

Distributed Algorithms and Systems page - collection of resources about distributed computing

All Things Distributed - Werner Vogels' weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems


Distributed and Parallel Computing courses:

Advanced Distributed Algorithms course - 6.895- Professor Nancy Lynch- MIT

Principles of Fault-Tolerant Distributed Computing - 6.897 - Professor Nancy Lynch- MIT

Theory of Distributed Computing course - York university, Canada

Distributed Algorithms courses in EPFL

Parallel Programming (Cluster Computing) course - Charlotte College, University of North Carolina

Advanced Course in Computer Systems - CS614 - Cornell

Introduction to Distributed Computing (Maurice Herlihy) - Brown University, concentrating on multiprocessor synchronization
Distributed Algorithms and Systems (Jennifer Welch) - Texas A&M university. Set of slides under 'Calendar'


Grid Computing:

The 3rd International Summer School on Grid Computing

Grid computing course - Charlotte College, University of North Carolina

Introduction to Grid Computing course - San Diego State University

The Condor Project Homepage

GOZAL - Condor team in the Technion


Peer To Peer systems:

P2P papers repository

P2P networks


P2P, Mobile/Multi-Agent Systems paper collection

Grid and Peer-to-Peer Computing course - University of Texas at Dallas

P2P Networks Course

Content Distribution resources (HUJI)

Windows Peer-to-Peer Networking

P2PRG Bibliography

P2P Reading List

More P2P links


Reading List



Distributed Computing courses in the Technion


Concurrent and Distributed Programming (Prof. Assaf Schuster) - 236370

Distributed Systems (Dr. Roy Friedman) - 236351

Distributed Algorithms B (Prof. Hagit Attiya)- 236755

Distributed Algorithms A (Prof. Shmuel Zaks)- 236357

Principles of fault-tolerant distributed systems (Dr. Idit Keidar) - 046272

Topics in Reliable Distributed Computing - seminar (Dr. Idit Keidar) - 048961

DSL - Distributed Systems laboratory in the CS department


Related system courses:

Algorithms for Dynamic Memory Management (Dr. Erez Petrank) - 236780

A Seminar on Optimizations for Modern Architectures (Dr. Erez Petrank) - 236802

Operating Systems - 234120

Introduction to Computer Networks - 236334

Internet Networking - 236341

Database Systems - 236363

Database Management Sys. Implementations - 236510

Algorithms for Large Data Sets (Dr. Dr. Ziv Bar-Yossef) - 049011



Operating Systems


Linux Kernel resources:

TLDP - The Linux Documentation Project

The Linux Kernel by David A. Rusling

The Linux Tutorial

Some collection of Linux reading materials

Linux Cross reference

Richard Gooch Linux resources


Linux general resources:

Vi manual

Bash Shell Guide for Beginners, More Bash

How to put up your own Ubuntu server - various Ubuntu links


Interesting talks:

Linus vs. Tanenbaum debate from 1992 (and a bigger version of this debate and this version). And finally a very recent Tanenbaum-Torvalds Debate: Part II

Dave Patterson vs. Jim Gray



Sysinternals - advanced utilities, technical information, and source code related to Windows internals.






Software Development

Code project - C++, C# and .NET articles, code snippets, discussions and news.




Tools that help programmers write a better code - Guy Korland post


Java SE 1.4.2 API

Java: 1.5 and Beyond

Java links


C# and .NET articles and links, C#-Reference.pdf

Java vs. C#


Matlab Tips and Tricks

Matlab course in EE



CS Online resources

UnderWarrior Project - Online Computers Resource - Hebrew

Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
C Function Libary Reference - man pages
Greatest Papers in Computer Science  

Books collections -,

Getting Started with LaTeX
Latex Wikipedia
Latex  - Displaying a formula

Latex links collection - by Liran Katzir
Converting a MS Powerpoint/Word image to EPS embedded in LaTeX
LaTeX Margins
Squeezing Space in LaTeX
CTAN archive

General text editing
Print large-format slides to normal size paper (tile,tiling)
In Microsoft Word, how can I begin page numbering after the first page
Merging PDF files


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