Double Anonymous Submission and a Rebuttal Process

The ISMM 2006 paper reviewing process adds two features new to ISMM: 
double blind reviewing, and an opportunity for rebuttal. In double blind 
reviewing the authors are anonymous to the reviewers, just as reviewers
are anonymous to the authors. This requires effort from authors not to
disclose their identities to reviewers. For example, you should not give
your names, or mention your institution, research group or project name,
etc. Where necessary for flow you could say "the XYZ project" and
footnote that the name is withheld, etc. Discuss your own prior work in
third person, as you would other related work. Avoid making paper drafts
too public, to reduce the possibility of inadvertantly revealing your
identities to reviewers. Reviewers, for their part, will be on their
honor not to try to discover authors' identities, which will be known
only by the program chair until a suitable point in the program
committee's deliberations.  We are trying this process because research
indicates that author anonymity reduces bias in reviewing.

The rebuttal process will occur at the end of February, and will give the
authors opportunity to respond succinctly to factual errors in reviews,
before the program committee meets to make its decisions. The committee
may, but need not, respond to rebuttals or revise reviews at or after the
committee meeting, to reflect better the committee's rationale.