Publications from 2007

  1. Evgeni Magid, Octavian Soldea, and Ehud Rivlin.
    A Comparison of Gaussian and mean curvature estimation methods on triangular meshes of range image data.
    CVIU, 107(3):139-159, 2007[pdf][abstract]
  2. Guy Froimovich, Ehud Rivlin, Ilan Shimshoni, and Octavian Soldea.
    Efficient Search and Verification for Function Based Classification from Real Range Images.
    CVIU, 105:200-217, 2007[pdf][abstract]
  3. Ronen Lerner, Ehud Rivlin, and Ilan Shimshoni.
    Landmark Selection for Task-Oriented Navigation.
    IEEE Trans. On Robotics, 23(3), 2007[pdf][abstract]
  4. Ilya Blayvas, Ron Kimmel, and Ehud Rivlin.
    Role of Optics in the Accuracy of Depth-from-Defocus Systems.
    JOSA, 24(4):967-972, 2007[pdf][abstract]
  5. Michael Pechuk, Octavian Soldea, and Ehud Rivlin.
    Learning Function Based Object Classification from 3D Imagery.
    CVIU, 2007[pdf][abstract]
  6. Leonid Raskin, Ehud Rivlin, and Michael Rudzsky.
    Using Gaussian Process Annealing Particle Filter for 3D Human Tracking.
    EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, 2007[pdf][abstract]
  7. Artyom Borzin, Ehud Rivlin, and Michael Rudzsky.
    Representation and Recognition of Agent Interactions Using Marking Analysis in Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets.
    In CBMI, 33-39, 2007[pdf][abstract]