Publications from 2004

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  2. Michael Lifshits, Roman Goldenberg, Ehud Rivlin, and Michael Rudzsky.
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  3. Octavian Soldea, Gershon Elber, and Ehud Rivlin.
    Global Curvature Analysis and Segmentation of Volumetric Data Sets Using Trivariate B-spline Functions.
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  4. Michael Lifshits, Ilya Blayvas, Roman Goldenberg, Ehud Rivlin, and Michael Rudzsky.
    Rehashing for Bayesian Geometric Hashing.
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  5. Ronen Lerner, Ehud Rivlin, and Hector Rotstein.
    Error Analysis for a Navigation Algorithm Based on Optical-Flow and a Digital Terrain Map.
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  6. Ido Leichter, Michael Lindenbaum, and Ehud Rivlin.
    A Probabilistic Framework for Combining Tracking Algorithms.
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  7. Didi Sazbon, Hector Rotstein, and Ehud Rivlin.
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    Cell nuclei segmentation using fuzzy logic engine.
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  11. Ido Leichter, Michael Lindenbaum, and Ehud Rivlin.
    A probabilistic cooperation between trackers of coupled objects.
    In ICIP, 1045-1048, 2004[pdf][abstract]
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  15. Igor Katsman, Ehud Rivlin, and Gadi Katzir.
    Visually Guided Behavior in the Praying Mantis: Target Interception and Response to Looming.
    In The 7th Intl. Congress of Neuroethology, 2004[abstract]