Technical Report CS-2011-03

Title: ExPERT: Pareto-Efficient Task Replication on Grids and Clouds
Authors: Orna Agmon Ben-Yehuda, Assaf Schuster, Artyom Sharov, Mark Silberstein, Alexandru Iosup
Abstract: Many scientists perform extensive computations by executing large bags of similar tasks (BoTs) in mixtures of computational environments, such as grids and clouds. Although the reliability and cost may vary considerably across these environments, no tool exists to assist scientists in the selection of environments that can both fulfill deadlines and fit budgets. To address this situation, in this work we introduce the ExPERT BoT scheduling framework. Our framework systematically selects from a large search space the Pareto-efficient scheduling strategies, that is, the strategies that deliver the best results for both makespan and cost. ExPERT chooses from them the best strategy according to a general, user-specified utility function. Through simulations and experiments in real production environments we demonstrate that ExPERT can substantially reduce both makespan and cost, in comparison to common scheduling strategies. For bioinformatics BoTs executed in a real mixed grid+cloud environment, we show how the scheduling strategy selected by ExPERT reduces both makespan and cost by 30%-70%, in comparison to commonly-used scheduling strategies.
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