CS Ph.D. Graduation Ceremony, 2020

CS Ph.D. Graduation Ceremony, 2020The Technion Ph.D. Students Graduation Ceremony 2020, was held online on, Wednesday evening, September 16, 2020, and was broadcast on Facebook. This year, a substantial number of students - 231 Technion graduates in 2019-2020 - received their Ph.D. diplomas, among them 14 graduates of The Henry and Marilyn Taub Faculty of Computer Science:

Ben Ezair Titled: Advanced Geometric Methods in Machining and Additive Manufacturing Advised by: Gershon Elber
Danielle Ezuz Titled: Non Isometric Shape Correspondence Advised by: Miri Ben-Chen
Liran Funaro Titled: Market Driven Multi-Resource Allocation Advised by: Assaf Schuster and OrnaAgmon Ben-Yehuda
Yonatan Geifman Titled: Uncertainty Estimation and its Applications in Deep Neural Networks Advised by: Ran El-Yaniv
Omer Katz Titled: Statistical Approaches to Reverse Engineering Advised by: Eran Yahav
Ilya Kolchinsky Titled: Lazy Evaluation Methods for Complex Event Processing Advised by: Assaf Schuster
Elad Kravi Titled: Understanding the Context of Microactions on the Web Advised by: Benny Kimelfeld and Yaron Kanza
Gilad Kutiel Titled: Approximation Algorithms for Submodular Maximization and Network Design Problems Advised by: Roy Schwartz and Dror Rawitz
Igor Kviatkovsky Titled: Person Identification From Contextual Motion Advised by: Ehud Rivlin, Ilan Shimshoni and Hector Rotstein
Ester Livshits Titled: The Complexity of Database Inconsistency Measures Advised by Benny Kimelfeld
Gautam Pai Titled: Learning for Numerical Geometry Advised by: Ron Kimmel
Hila Peleg Titled: Program Synthesis for Programmers Advised by Eran Yahav
Liat Peterfreund Titled: Closure under Reversal of Languages over Infinite Alphabets: A Case Study Advised by:  Kaminski Michael
Michael Riabzev Titled Computation Verification for Noobs Advised by: Yuval Ishai

Congratulations and best of luck to all our graduates!

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