Computational Biology is a fast growing field of Computer Science, synthesizing both the information and biological sciences. Its emergence as an independent field was driven by the development, in the late 1970s, of efficient experimental techniques in molecular biology and by the resulting exponential growth in genomic data.

Molecular Biology is currently experiencing another period of fast technological progress, producing vast amounts of valuable genomic and proteomic data. For example, hybridization array technology allows the expression levels of thousands of genes to be measured in a single assay. This growing body of data calls for efficient, integrated approaches to its storage, management and analysis. Computational Biology also studies novel algorithmic approaches to efficient assay design, building on new chemical and molecular biology techniques.

The Laboratory of Computational Biology is part of the Computer Science department at the Technion. Our group has specific interests in the design of hybridization-based assays, expression analysis, genetic linkage analysis and phylogeny. We maintain close research and teaching relationships with other Technion departments as well as with other academic and industrial research groups.