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Hardware Security Seminar: Main Cyber Security Challenges in Vehicles and in Vehicle-to-vehicle Communication
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Yoni Kahana (General Motors, Israel)
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Sunday, 13.5.2018, 09:30
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Taub 601
The review will include the main modern cyber security challenges that exists in vehicles today and in the coming future.

There will specific focus on security aspects in vehicle-to-vehicle communication (v2v or C2C) , includes privacy , authenticity and integrity of the communication in the relevant scenarios

Yoni is managing the product Cyber Security Group in General Motors Israel that in-charge to secure crucial elements in the vehicle.

Yoni was the chairman of the security work group in the Car2Car consortium that defines all security related issues with the Car2Car communication.

He has more than 15 years of experience managing, leading and developing large-scale projects in secure telecommunications and embedded systems, from idea-stage to completion both from the R&D aspect and the Business and product aspect.

Experience with 500 fortune companies as Group Leader and defining product roadmap with system requirements for security features on billions mobile chips and cars. Yoni holds MBA degree from Tel Aviv University and B.Sc.(cum laude) degree from the Technion.
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