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Hardware Security Seminar: The Journey of Intel® Software Guard Extension (SGX)
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Ittai Anati (Intel Corporation)
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Sunday, 4.3.2018, 09:30
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Taub 601
In 2015, Intel launched its 6th generation Core, codenamed Skylake, that implements a new ISA for security – Intel® SGX. The talk will provide a short intro to SGX for the unfortunates who have not been exposed to Intel® SGX yet, but will focus mainly around the architectural enhancements since its first introduction and some of the design choices that were made.

Short Bio:
Ittai Anati is a Senior Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation’s CPU architecture team at Intel’s Haifa campus. He focuses mainly on security, ISA extensions, and HW/SW co-design. He was the lead architect for defining and integrating Intel® SGX into Intel’s 6th generation Core CPU, codenamed Skylake.

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