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Special Guest Lecture: Functional Safety and IT-Security: The Critical Combination
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Prof. Dr. Juergen Mottok
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Monday, 14.11.2016, 15:15
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Taub 601
Functional Safety and IT-Security are the most important quality factors for future real-time embedded systems. This talk will cover state of the art techniques and research results covering functional safety and IT-Security in relation to functional safety. Focus mainly on your knowledge and experience in the Automotive Industry.

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Mottok has been involved more than 20 years in the development and assessment of safety critical automotive systems at SIEMENS VDO Automotive AG, now Continental Automotive GmbH. His responsibilities were architect and group leader for software-intensive safety critical engine control unit development. He was also responsible for safety assessments based on IEC 61508 and MISRA standards. As senior software and system architect he worked in the AUTOSAR consortium for architecture and safety issues, in C++ standardization gremium and in the MISRA C++ working group. Prof. Mottok is the head of the Laboratory for Safe and Secure Systems (LaS³,

Prof. Mottok will keep meetings at Taub 601 by appointment via: adihofman at
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