Pixel Club: Transform Methods in Image Processing: from 1970-th till Present Time

Leonid Yaroslavsky (Tel-Aviv University)
Tuesday, 11.6.2013, 11:30
EE Meyer Building 1061

Transform image processing methods are methods that work in domains of image transforms, such as Discrete Fourier, Discrete Cosine, Wavelet and alike. They can be traced back to 1970-ths. The presentation reviews these methods in their applications for image recovery and restoration, target location, image re-sampling and interpolation. Specifically, the following issues are addressed with emphasis on comparison and relationship with more recent and popular methods:
- Local adaptive transform domain image restoration and enhancement
- Adaptive image correlators for reliable target location in clutter
- Loss-less and aliasing free image re-sampling
- Discrete Sampling Theorem and image recovery from sparse non-uniformly sampled data

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