CGGC & Pixel Club Seminar: Perception-driven and Artistically Motivated Interactive Graphics

Tobias Ritschel (Max Planck Institut informatik, Germany)
Sunday, 9.6.2013, 10:00
Taub 3

Creating visually convincing content, e.g. for movies or interactive applications such as computer games involves a lot of manual work, artistic skill and computational power. Ideally, however, users with limited artistic skills and competence, should be enabled to produce visually appealing content as well, in real-time and on every machine.

This talk will discuss four questions that are important when working towards this goal: What might be the fastest way to compute shading that might be incomplete or even incorrect but is perceived as plausible? How can a machine predict how digital content is perceived by a human? If physical accuracy might not be required, what new interfaces are possible to control "non-physical" content? Finally, several laborious tasks carried out by digital artists can only be performed because of their expertise. How could we extract their aesthetic knowledge from large content repositories and apply it to new instances?

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