Haifux Club: Resource Management in Linux

Rami Rosen
Monday, 27.5.2013, 18:30
Taub 6

1. Resource management in Linux
2. Kernel Namespaces implementation (kernel 3.8)
3. Kernel Namespaces as an infrastructure for process virtualizaton

   - Network namespaces and pid namespaces kernel implementation
   - System calls for namespaces
   - usage examples - creating linux namespaces in user space and attaching process to these namespaces

4. cgroup kernel implementation

   - cgroup VFS
   - cgroup filesystem ops for handling cgroups (create/attach processes, cgroup subsystem VFS specific operations, etc) examples
   - The cgroup release agent and the notification API + examples
   - Memory controller (memcg) example (disabling oom killer)
   - Two networking controllers examples
   - linbvgroup-tools + examples

5. Checkpoint/Restart in brief

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