Pixel Club: The SVM-minus Similarity Score for Video Face Recognition

Noga Levy (Tel-Aviv University)
Tuesday, 23.4.2013, 11:30
Room 337-8 Taub Bld.

Face recognition in unconstrained videos requires specialized tools beyond those developed for still images: the fact that the confounding factors change state during the video sequence presents a unique challenge, but also an opportunity to eliminate spurious similarities. Luckily, a major source of confusion in visual similarity of faces is the 3D head orientation, for which image analysis tools provide an accurate estimation.

The method we propose belongs to a family of classifier-based similarity scores. We present an effective way to discount pose induced similarities within such a framework, which is based on a newly introduced classifier called SVM-minus. The presented method is shown to outperform existing techniques on the most challenging and realistic publicly available video face recognition benchmark, both by itself, and in concert with other methods.

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