Pixel Club: Telegraphers' equation in Image Processing

Vadim Ratner (EE, Technion)
Tuesday, 29.1.2013, 14:30
EE Meyer Building 1061

Diffusion-type algorithms have been integrated successfully into the toolbox used in image processing and computer vision. We introduce in the context of digital signal and image processing a new more flexible and powerful family of parabolic-hyper​bolic partial differential equations (PDEs) that model elastic deformation. The analogy between a well-known physical system and process on one hand, and the dynamics of an image processing scheme on the other hand, contributes interesting and important insights about the behavior of the new equation. We explore and demonstrate the capabilities and advantages afforded by the application of the proposed family of equations in stable image enhancement.

Part of a PhD thesis under the supervision of prof. Y. Y. Zeevi

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