Research Workshop on Shape and Image Modeling and Analysis (SIMA)

of the NORDIA and SPARSE Advanced ERC Projects


Organized by the Computer Science Department, Technion


May 28–31, 2014, Ein-Gedi, The Dead Sea, ISRAEL




Wednesday, may 28. Mitzpe Arugot Hall  

Arrival and registration


 Conference Opening
 Alfred M. Bruckstein (Technion)

 1st Oral Session
Chair: Alfred M. Bruckstein (Technion)

Displacement Structure of Matrices – An Introduction
Thomas Kailath (Stanford University)


 Inference of Global Manifold Properties using the Tensor Voting Graph
Gerard Medioni (USC-IRIS)
 Restoration of Video Sequences Degraded by Atmospheric Turbulence
 Nahum Kiryati (Tel Aviv University)
 Greedy Oversegmentation Based on Image Statistics
 Michael Lindenbaum (Technion)
 Dinner  19:10–20:30
 Poster Session and Mingling (with beers and snacks) in Amihai Hall  20:30–22:00

Thursday, may 29. Mitzpe Arugot Hall

 2nd Oral Session
Chair: David Malah (Technion)

 Convexity, Sparsity, Nullity and all that...
Hamid Krim (North Carolina State University)
 Adaptive Method for Identification and Recovery of Jointly Sparse Vectors
Arie Feuer (Technion)

Fast Hue and Range Preserving Histogram Specification for Color Image Enhancement
Gabriele Steidl (University of Kaiserslautern)


Coffee Break


A Multilevel Approach for l-1 Regularized Convex Optimization with Application to Covariance Selection
Irad Yavneh (Technion)


Image and Signal Processing for the Early Detection of Child Mental Health
Guillermo Sapiro (Duke University)


 Minimally Overlapping Combination of Geodesic Paths for Interactive Segmentation
Laurent Cohen (CEREMADE, Universite Paris Dauphine)
 New Approximations of the Total Variation and the Yaroslavsky Filter
 Haim Brezis (Rutgers, Technion, Paris VI)
 Robotic Perception and Manipulation With Soft Objects
Vasek Hlavac (Czech Technical University in Prague)
 Lunch  14:00–15:00

 3rd Oral Session
Chair: Alfred M. Bruckstein (Technion)

 Edge-based Laplacians, the Wave Equation and Wave Packet Signatures
Edwin Hancock (University of York)
 Multiscale Learning with Conctractive Neural Networks
 Stéphane Mallat (École Normale Supérieure)
 Audio-Visual Attention and Lattice Dynamical Systems
Petros Maragos (National Technical University of Athens)
 Coffee Break  16:30–16:50

 4th Oral Session - Brief Contributed Lectures
Chair: Alfred M. Bruckstein (Technion)

 4D Content Creation using 4D Studio and LIDAR Data
Dmitry Chetverikov (MTA SZTAKI)
 Adaptive Triangulations and Multiresolution Analysis
Nira Dyn (Tel Aviv University)
 Aligning Sounds and Images
 Radu Horaud (INRIA)
 A Fast Algorithm for Euler's Elastica Minimization Problems
 Xue-Cheng Tai (University of Bergen)
 Dinner  18:20–20:00
 Evening Event at the Ein Gedi Synergy Spa  21:00–24:00

FRIDAY, may 30. Mitzpe Arugot Hall                                                                                

5th Oral Session - Brief Contributed Lectures
Chair: Doron Shaked (HP Labs)

 Discovering Similarities in 3D Data
 Thomas Funkhouser (Princeton University)

Lagrangian Strain Tensor Computation with Higher Order Variational Models
Joachim Weickert (Saarland University)


Coffee Break


Shape Analysis: Last Call for Geometric Invariants
Ron Kimmel (Technion)


Graph Matching: Relax or Not?
Alex Bronstein (Tel Aviv University)


 Lunch  12:30–14:00

6th Oral Session
Chair: Doron Shaked (HP Labs)

 Image Processing via Pixel Permutation
Michael Elad (Technion)
 Watching Egocentric Video (Recorded by a Wearable Camera)?
 Shmuel Peleg (Hebrew Univeristy of Jerusalem)
 Variational Image Analysis Using Wasserstein-Distance Based Priors
Christoph Schnörr (Heidelberg University)
 Virtual Persicope by Stellar Sensing of Wave Shape
Yoav Schechner (Technion)
 Coffee Break  16:00–16:20

  A Linear Programming Relaxation for Dense Elastic 3D Shape Matching
Daniel Cremers (TU München)

 Efficient Large-Scale Global Filtering of Images in Low Dimensions
Peyman Milanfar (University of California)
 Why Variation of Geometric Functionals Fail?
Nir Sochen (Tel Aviv University and Technion)
 From Synchrous Data Flows to Asynchronous Iterations
 Jean-Marc Delosme (Université d'Evry Val d'Essonne)
 Dinner  18:30–20:00

Saturday, may 31. Mitzpe Arugot Hall

7th Oral Session
Chair: Michael Elad (Technion)

 Asymptotic Descriptions of Large Populations of Neurons
 Olivier Faugeras (Equipe INRIA NeuroMathComp Team)

The Magic and Wonder of Images: Moire Patterns, Autostereograms and Holographic Processes
Alfred M. Bruckstein (Technion)


Coffee Break


 Semi-Supervised Kernel Mean Shift Clustering
Peter Meer (Rutgers University)
 Marked Point Processes: The Hidden Power of an Ellipse
 Josiane Zerubia (INRIA)
 Conference Closure  12:00

 list OF posters, Amihai Hall

 Spectral Multi Dimensional Scaling
 Yonathan Aflalo
and Ron Kimmel

 Transitive Re-identification
 Yulia Brand, Tamar Avraham and Michael Lindenbaum

 Sparse Auto-Encoder
 David Boublil

 Spatio-Temporal Bit-allocation for Low Bit-rate Video Coding
 Yehuda Dar
and Alfred Bruckstein

 Multi-Region Active Contours with a Single Level Set Function
 Anastasia Dubrovina, Guy Rosman and Ron Kimmel

 Real-time Hand Detection on a Smartphone
 Rom Herskovitz, Nofar Carmeli, Aaron Wetzler and Ron Kimmel
 Sparsity Based Poisson Inpainting
 Raja Giryes and Michael Elad

 Fast Accuracy Enhancement of Depth Maps
 Roy Or El, Aaron Wetzler, Guy Rosman, Alfred. M. Bruckstein and Ron Kimmel

 A Statistical Prediction Model Based on Sparse Representations for Single Image
 Tomer Peleg and Michael Elad
 Cross-scale Self-similarity Super-resolution of Single MRI Slice-stacks
 Esben Plenge and Michael Elad
 Intrinsic Surface Caricaturization
 Matan Sela, Yonathan Aflalo, and Ron Kimmel
 Revisiting Classical Scaling
 Gil Shamai, Yonathan Aflalo, Michael Zibulevsky and Ron Kimmel
 Iterative Closest Spectral Kernel Maps (ICSKM)
 Alon Shtern and Ron Kimmel
 Freehand Laser Scanning Using A Smartphone
Ron Slossberg, Aaron Wetzler and Ron Kimmel

 Image Denoising Through Multi-Scale Learnt Dictionaries
 Jeremias Sulam, Boaz Ophir and Michael Elad

 Face Compression Using Patch Ordering Based Wavelet Transform
 Idan Ram, Israel Cohen and Michael Elad

 Single Image Interpolation via Adaptive Non-Local Sparsity-Based Modeling
 Yaniv Romano, Matan Protter and Michael Elad

 Listen to Your Heart... Clearly: Clutter Reduction in Echocardiography
 Javier Turek, Irad Yavneh and Michael Elad

 Blind Motion Deblurring via Alternating Naive L0-Minimization
 Wen-Ze Shao
, Michael Elad and Hai-Bo Li
 Learning Multiple Models by Regularized Weighting
 Daniel Vainsencher, Shie Mannor, and Huan Xu
 Poisson Denoising Based on Smooth Ordering of Image Patches
Gregory Vaksman

 Near Field Photometric Stereo with Point Light Sources
 Roberto Mecca, Aaron Wetzler, Alfred Bruckstein and Ron Kimmel

 Action Unit Detection from 3D Depth Images
 Eric Yudin

 Compressive Sensing in Hyperspectral Imaging with Micro-mirror Array
 Yehuda Pfeffer and Michael Zibulevsky