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MATLAB Computer Graphics Library:

MCGL is a set of MATLAB classes that implements several important data structures  commonly used in computer graphics (e.g. IndexedFaceSet, HalfEdge, ProgressiveMeshes, etc'). In addition, MCGL includes many useful algorithms and features:

- Import from and export to: VRML, OFF and OBJ.

- Mesh rendering using external renderers and MATLAB's internal viewer.

- Mesh operations: partitioning, encoding, parameterization, etc.


Non-blocking Notification/Callback Mechanism:

In this project we designed and implemented a non-blocking interface mechanism for DINA services (DINA is an active network system). The new mechanism will enable a client's active-code to continue its execution while DINA's services process its requests. The new mechanism integrates into the existing Java environment and uses recent SDKs and run time releases.

This project was done in the "Advanced Topics in Communication Networks" course and is a joint work with Yoav Amit.


Provost - Technion Courses Recommender System:

The Provost is a learning system designed to provide personal recommendations on Technion courses using a powerful Collaborative Filtering algorithm. The system records course ranking from its users and builds a personal statistical profile for each user.

ComRen Project:

This project implements the multi-resolution decoder of the compression method presented in "Efficient Compression and Rendering of Multi-Resolution Meshes." The decoder is available as an ActiveX plug-in (mostly recommended for Microsoft Internet Explorer users) and as a Java-Applet.

PresenterMouse Project:

This project is a LASER tracking system, which synchronizes the red LASER point on the projection screen with the system's mouse pointer. This allows the presenter to interact with the presentation and/or other applications in the same way as it is done with a regular mouse.

PresenterMouse resides in the system memory, runs in the background and uses a small amount of CPU and memory resources (joint work with Evgeny Popovich).

3D Basic Block Graph Visualization:

This project implements the visualization system described in "Using 3D to Visualize Dynamic Path Coverage". It was developed in the IBM Research Lab in Haifa, together with Dror Orell, and under the supervision of Shmuel Ur and Dror Zernick.