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Visiting the cows in their cowshed, Galilee Bet-Lechem, Dec 2006

The Karnis in the Golan Heights, Nov 2006

Feeding the reindeers, Golan Heights, Nov 2006

Ziv and I spending time together during summer break, Aug 2006

Together with Ziv (1 year and 3 month old) in her swimming class, May 2006

In the Alte Schloss (old castle), Meersburg, May 2006

Deutsches Eck - where the Mosel meets the Rhein, Koblenz, May 2006

"Celebrating" May, 1st in Luxemburg

With Ziv in a warm and sunny spring day, Haifa, Mar 2006

Together with Moran and Ziv, Haifa, Mar 2006

With Moran and Ziv (one year old) in Villars, Switzerland, Mar 2006

In Villars, Switzerland, Mar 2006

Together with Keren and Uriel, Villars, Switzerland, Mar 2006


On the slopes, during HighGraphics, Oberstdorf, Austria, Feb 2006

Ziv, 8.5 month old, and I - Haifa, Nov 2005

A weekend with Ziv, Sep 2005

The three musketeers sailing along the Mosel River, Sep 2005

Together with Ziv, 7 month old - Mosel River, Sep 2005

My wife, Moran, together with Ziv, 7 month old - Mosel River, Sep 2005

A visit to Saarbrucken zoo, Aug 2005

Together with Stefan Gumhold, SIGGRAPH 2005, downtown L.A.

My daughter Ziv, 3.5 month old, and I - Paris, June 2005

My daughter Ziv, 2.5 month old, and I - Metz, May 2005

My daughter Ziv, 2.5 month old, and I - Saarbrucken, May 2005

Ziv (one month old), Moran and I, Apr 2005

Together with Ziv (two weeks old) in our apartment

Scrubbing the ice and snow from the car

My laptop and I, Jan 2005

Moran (eight month pregnant) and I in our German apartment, Dec 2004

My wife, Moran, and me - Amsterdam, Nov 2004

Testing the drums - Amsterdam, Nov 2004

My wife and I - Trier, Nov 2004

Ski vacation - Andora, Feb 2004