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Lectures: Every Wednesday 10:30-12:30, Taub 8.



Dec 4th 2002: No lecture today


Nov 14th 2002: Two copies of the course textbook Writing for Computer Science, by Zustin Zobel, are available for loan from the library.

bulletNov 13th 2002: A corrected version of Alex's submission of assignment No. 2 is available.
bulletNo lecture on Nov. 6th, 2002.
bulletAssignment No. 3 is due on Nov. 13th, 2002.
bulletA sample article, in MS-WORD format, to be discussed in class.


bullet 01-characters.ppt
bullet 02-designing_an_article.ppt
bullet 03-writing-style.ppt


  1. Analyze the outline paragraph of 3-5 articles
  2. Compile a simple latex template
  3. Examine and compare the style and tone of Section 3 and Section 5.5. In particular, how could section 5.5 could be improved?

The IASTED International Conference on SOFTWARE ENGINEERING (SE'2003)

The non-conclusive list of 38 different topics covered by the conference: Software Requirements, Software Architecture, Software Methodologies, Software Algorithms, Software Design and Development, Software Engineering, Software Tools, Software Maintenance, Software Metrics, Software Testing, Reliability, Quality Assurance, Reusability, Fault Tolerance, Project Management, Communication Software and Protocols, Intelligent Agents, Programming Tools and Languages, Internet Computing (JAVA, CORBA, XML), Web-based Software Engineering, Internet and Intranet, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Modelling and Simulation, Visualization, Optimization, Security, Database, Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Software for Parallel and Distributed Systems, Mobile and Wireless Computing, Software Evaluation, Cooperative Work Support, Standards, Copy Right Issues, Graphical User Interface, Education, and Applications.

Program chair: not mentioned in the The original call for papers. Correspondence with IASTED revealed that this person is Dr.  Mohamed Hamza,

 The list of of the 89 members of the International Program Committee: E.M.A. Abed Electronics Research Institute, Egypt, M.A. Aboelaze York University, Canada, S.M. Abu-Soud Princess Sumaya University of Technology, Jordan, N. Adly Alexandria University, Egypt, A.I. Almojel Deputy Minister for Cultural Relations, Saudi Arabia, G. Aloisio University of Leece, Italy, H. Amano Keio University, Japan, K. Araki Hokkaido University, Japan, J. Baker Kent State University, USA, B. Benatallah University of New South Wales, Australia, L. Bengtsson Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, J. Bila The Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic, A.I. Bouguettaya Virginia Tech, USA, G. Brewka University of Leipzig, Germany, M. Broy Technical University of M?nchen, Germany, A.E. Campos Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Chile, K. Chan The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, PRC, P. Chaudhuri University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus , Barbados, S. Christodoulakis Technical University of Crete, Greece, W. Chu University of California - Los Angeles, USA, P.-J. Chuang Tamkang University, Taiwan, O. Clua Buenos Aires University, Argentina, R.E. Davis Santa Clara University, USA, B. De Baets Ghent University, Belgium, V. De Florio Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, N. Deo University of Central Florida, USA, V. Devedzic University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, W. Dosch Medical University of L?beck, Germany, B.K. Ehlmann Southern Illinois University, USA, M. Fayad University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA, D. Fensel Vrije University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, A.W. Fu Chinese University of Hong Kong, PRC, H. Gall Technical University of Vienna, Austria, K.M. George Oklahoma State University, USA, A.K. Goel Michigan Tech, USA, W.I. Grosky University of Michigan - Dearborn, USA, H.W. Guesgen University of Auckland, New Zealand, S. Hariri University of Arizona, USA, H. Hosseini University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, USA, S. Huang University of Houston, USA, H. Hussmann Dresden University of Technology, Germany, H. Jin Huazhong University of Science and Technology, PRC, B.S. Joshi ITN Energy Systems, Inc., USA, M.H. Kim Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea, K. Kontogiannis University of Waterloo, Canada, A.W. Krings University of Idaho, USA, E.V. Krishnamurthy Australian National University, Australia, S.-Y. Lee National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, E. Levner Holon Academic Institute of Technology, Israel, E.-P. Lim Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, L. Lundberg University of Karlskrona - Ronneby, Sweden, H. Lutfiyya University of Western Ontario, Canada, B.M. Maggs Carnegie Mellon University, USA, V. Marik Czech Technical University, Czech Republic, R.V. Mayorga University of Regina, Canada, S. Miksch Vienna University of Technology, Austria, A. Mili West Virginia University, USA, A.M. Moreno Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain, J.F. Myoupo University of Picardie - Jules Verne, France, S. Nishio Osaka University, Japan, M. Orlowska Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, PRC, M. Oudshoorn The University of Adelaide, Australia, S. Peng Hosei University, Japan, G. Raghavan Nokia Research Center, USA, P. Remagnino Kingston University, UK, Y. Robert ENS Lyon, France, S.H. Rubin Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, USA, J. Sang Cleveland State University, USA, E. Schikuta University of Vienna, Austria, A. Schiper Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFLl), Switzerland, S.G. Sedukhin University of Aizu, Japan, L.C. Shu Chang Jung University, Taiwan, Z. Skocir University of Zagreb, Croatia, L. Sousa INESC - ID, Portugal, B. Srinivasan Monash University, Australia, K.-L. Tan National University of Singapore, Singapore, C. Tang Sichuan University, PRC, D. Taniar Monash University, Australia, Z. Tari RMIT University, Australia, B. Thuraisingham The Mitre Corporation, USA, P., Tvrdik Czech Technical University, Czech Republic, J.V. Van Katwijk Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, L.N. Vintan Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania, W.J. Walley Staffordshire University, UK, T. Welzer-Druzovec University of Maribor, Slovenia, K.-F. Wong The Chinese University of Hong Kong, PRC, R.K. Wong University of New South Wales, Australia, C. Zhang California State University, Sacramento, USA, and A. Zhou Fudan University, PRC.

About the review process

Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 22:44:01 -0800 (PST)
From: Mohamed Hamza 
Subject: Attn. Dr. Yossi  Gil
To: yogi@cs.Technion.AC.IL
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
X-Sending-IP: XXXXXX

Dear Dr. Gil,
With reference to your email, I am chairing the SE
conference.  Each paper is reviewed by at least two
persons.  Based upon the results, the papers are
divided into accepted, rejected and borderline papers.
 The borderline papers are ranked and final selections
are made based upon factors such as novelty, the
topic, the possibility of improving the paper by the
final deadline, the maximum number of papers which can
be accepted due to space limitatios.  
There is no program committee meeting.  If assistance
is needed from a specialist concerning a certain
paper, he or she is contacted. All those who review
papers are indicated as committee members. These
include members of IASTED technical committees and
some authors.  If you act as a reviewer, your name
will be included as a member of the program committee.
Yours sincerely

Mohamed  Hamza

Mohamed Hamza

Last updated on 29/09/2004