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CS 236610: Advanced Topics The Long "howto" LaTeX Template

The Long "howto" LaTeX Template

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The "howto" file is a good point to start learning LaTeX, has some tips on scientific writing, and may also serve as a boilerplate for your documents.

Output files
bullet This is a PostScript file, ready for printing, which you should start by reading. It was generated from the howto.tex file, but you would be better off in reading the output of LaTeX before you set eyes on the input.
bullet howto.pdf This is the same output file as above, only in a different format, which might be easier for some to read or view inline.
bullet howto.dvi This is yet another version of the output file as above. In truth, all that LaTeX produces is a .dvi file. It took two extra steps to generate howto.pdf from howto.dvi. Fortunately, these extra steps can be automated. Take a look in the file to learn how to do this.

Input files
bulletThe main LaTeX input file: howto.tex  Take a look in it as well, since the body includes lots and lots of tips and ideas.
bulletA bibliography file with three or so entries of LaTeX bibliography: latex.bib
bulletEncapsulated PostScript files: clown.eps, graph.eps, plot.eps

Auxiliary files
bulletAuxiliary file, including labels and other symbol table information: howto.aux
bulletProcessed bibliography file, to be included in the bibliography section: howto.bbl
bulletTable of contents file: howto.toc
bulletList of figures: howto.lof
bulletList of tables: howto.lot
bulletList of algorithms: howto.loa
bulletMacros Produced by prog2tex: howto.prg

Run logs
bulletLog of running LaTeX: howto.log
bulletLog of running BibTeX: howto.blg

All files in one zip:

Last updated on 29/09/2004