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CS 236610: Advanced Topics The Blackboard Bold and Its Relatives

The Blackboard Bold and Its Relatives

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The Blackboard Bold and Its Relatives

Blackboard bold, also called double struck, is a typeface in which certain lines of the symbol (mostly vertical, or near-vertical lines) are doubled. It is primarily used for upper case letters, which usually describe sets of numbers.

File bbsample.tex is probably the shortest example demonstrating how to to use this font in LaTeX. You can see what the output looks like in DVI, PostScript or PDF format. For completeness, the .aux and the .log files are included as well.

A more detailed discussion of this font and its use in mathematics appears in bbbold.tex. Again, you can view the output in either DVI, PostScript or PDF format, and the .aux and the .log files are included.


Last updated on 29/09/2004