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Workshop participants of LMSA’09 reversed the emphasis. Primary attention was paid to organizational considerations with some attention being paid to the skills necessary to be an architect. The skills addressed, however, were not technical skills but were leadership and communication skills. Discussions were on how to communicate to and convince management of the importance of architectural decisions, roles, responsibilities, and relationships within an organization that involve the architect, and agile methods and architecture.


Bass, L. and Berenbach, B. (July 2009) Leadership and management in software architecture workshop 2009 report, ACM SIGSOFT SEN.

LMSA 2009

3rd Workshop on Software Development Governance

(SDG 2010)

Workshop participants of SDG’08 worked on the definition of governance in general and of software development governance in particular. Further, several implementations of governance techniques and mechanisms were examined.

The material is available at the ICSE 2008 Proceedings and the participants work is available at the SDG’08 site http://www.cs.technion.ac.il/~yael/SDG2008/.

SDG 2008

Workshop participants of LMSA’08 worked on the skills necessary for an individual architect with some attention being paid to how an architect is supported by the organization in the performance of necessary architectural duties.


Bass, L. and Berenbach, B. (July 2008) Leadership and management in software architecture (LMSA'08): a report on an ICSE workshop, ACM SIGSOFT SEN.

LMSA 2008