SDG at ICSE 2008





Welcome and Introduction

Yael Dubinsky

Session I:

Software Development Governance: Definition and Concept
Session Chair: Philippe Kruchten

Keynote by Barry Boehm (University of Southern California)

A Process Framework for System and Software Development Governance

Software Development Governance and Its Concerns

Sunita Chulani, Clay Williams, Avi Yaeli

Enacting Responsibility Assignment in Software Development Environments

Avi Yaeli, Tim Klinger

Towards Governance Schemes for Distributed Software

Narayan Ramasubbu, Rajesh Balan

Session II:

Implementing Software Development Governance

Session Chair: Sunita Chulani

Keynote by Clay Williams (IBM Research)

Technical Creativity and the Challenge of “Governing” Software Development

Integrating Product Family Modeling with Development Management in Agile Methods

Mikko Raatikainen, Kristian Rautiainen, Varvana Myllärniemi, Tomi Männistö

Toward Governance of Emergent Processes and Adaptive Organizations

Peri Tarr, Clay Williams, Brent Hailpern

Towards a Conceptual Framework and Tool Support for Linking Long-term Product and Business Planning with Agile Software Development

Jarno Vähäniitty, Kristian Rautiainen