Workshop on Software Development Governance (SDG 2008)


May 12, 2008

In conjunction with

the 30th International Conference on Software Engineering ® (ICSE)

Leipzig, Germany, 10 - 18 May 2008


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Workshop Organizers






Software continues to grow in importance across all aspects of modern life. As a result, enterprises are seeking stronger alignment between their goals, the strategies they use to achieve these goals, and their software development organizations. At the heart of this alignment is the desire for a clear understanding of the value that software development projects provide, as well as the risks they carry. The field that addresses these concerns is known as software development governance.


This one-day workshop focuses on the challenges associated with software development governance.  It will provide a forum to share existing research, brainstorm, and help chart future research directions for governance in software development organizations.  We will explore governance issues from a variety of perspectives, including the use of technology and tools for governance automation, exploiting techniques from finance and business to govern software development, and how sociological issues affect software development governance.


We are interested in a broad set of topics related to software development governance, including (but not limited to):

¨ Software development governance models and frameworks

¨ Tool support for defining, deploying, and executing software development governance solutions

¨ Governance automation in modern development environments

¨ Governance mechanisms (roles, responsibilities, policies, measurements, and controls) and their relationship to contemporary software development approaches

¨ Governance in agile and iterative projects

¨ The lifecycle of software development governance

¨ Assessing the effects of software development governance approaches

¨ Techniques for understanding the business value and risks associated with projects and portfolios of projects

¨ Individual, societal, ethical or cultural issues raised by software development governance

¨ Understanding what software development governance can learn from other established governance disciplines (e.g. SOA governance, data governance)



Goal of the Workshop


Co-located with the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), this workshop has two primary goals.  First, we want to foster relationships among researchers to help create a vibrant community in the area of software development governance research. Second, we want to identify the most important research problems in the software development governance area.


The workshop also has a set of specific technical goals:

* Investigate the relationship between governance models and software development models, environments, and processes

* Examine the lifecycle of software development governance and how it relates to the software engineering lifecycle

* Explore and evaluate existing implementations of software development governance



Submission Guidelines


Submissions should be short papers describing current research, work-in-progress, or new ideas relevant to governance of software development.  Papers must conform to the proceedings publication format http://icse08.upb.de//calls/fsguidelines.html and should not exceed 4 pages, including all text, references, appendices, and figures. Electronic submission is available through CyberchairPRO

http://cyberchairpro.borbala.net/sdgpapers/submit/ .


Submissions will be evaluated according to the relevance and originality of the work and to their ability to generate discussions between the participants of the workshop.


Important Dates:


Submission date: January 24, 2008

Notification on acceptance / rejection: February 9, 2008

Camera-ready: February 19, 2008




Indranil Bardhan, University of Texas

Michel Benaroch, Syracuse University

Erran Carmel, American University

Daniela Damien, University of Victoria

Kate Ehrlich, IBM Watson Research

Chris Kemerer, University of Pittsburg

Kevin Sullivan, University of Virginia

Giuseppe Valetto, Drexel University

Avi Yaeli, IBM Haifa Research Lab






Yael Dubinsky

Sunita Chulani

Philippe Kruchten

Technion IIT 

IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center

University of British Columbia

Welcome and Introduction

Yael Dubinsky

Session I:

Software Development Governance: Definition and Concept
Session Chair: Philippe Kruchten

Keynote by Barry Boehm (University of Southern California)

A Process Framework for System and Software Development Governance

Software Development Governance and Its Concerns

Sunita Chulani, Clay Williams, Avi Yaeli

Enacting Responsibility Assignment in Software Development Environments

Avi Yaeli, Tim Klinger

Towards Governance Schemes for Distributed Software

Narayan Ramasubbu, Rajesh Balan

Session II:

Implementing Software Development Governance

Session Chair: Sunita Chulani

Keynote by Clay Williams (IBM Research)

Technical Creativity and the Challenge of “Governing” Software Development

Integrating Product Family Modeling with Development Management in Agile Methods

Mikko Raatikainen, Kristian Rautiainen, Varvana Myllärniemi, Tomi Männistö

Toward Governance of Emergent Processes and Adaptive Organizations

Peri Tarr, Clay Williams, Brent Hailpern

Towards a Conceptual Framework and Tool Support for Linking Long-term Product and Business Planning with Agile Software Development

Jarno Vähäniitty, Kristian Rautiainen