User Guide

1. The application starts with an empty scene in the vrml browser.


2. First, the user should define the neighborhood parameters. Pressing on the Initialize Neighborhood button opens the following dialog. In the dialog the user should enter the dimensions of the neighborhood and of an apartment. To define the border of the neighborhood, the user should enter the radius of the hemisphere that encompasses it.
The user should follow the following rules:

        Each size dimension of the neighborhood must be a multiple of the corresponding size dimension of the apartment.

        The radius of the hemisphere must be greater or equal to
This rule comes to make sure that the hemisphere can encompasses the whole neighborhood.



3. When the parameters are initialized the user may press on the Draw Neighborhood button. The applet creates the vrml string that stands for the empty neighborhood grid and sends it to the vrml browser.



4. The user can define the apartments in the neighborhood by using the Insert Building and Remove Building dialogs. In the dialogs the user should define a building to insert/remove. 2 points define a building: the lower left base point and the upper right top point.
Each coordinate of the upper right top point must be greater than its corresponding coordinate in the lower left base point.



5. The user can press on the Refresh button after one or more insert/remove building actions. The applet updates the vrml string and sends it again to the vrml browser.
In the following sample we can see the neighborhood after 2 actions:

        Insert building, defined by the points (0,0,0) and (2,2,2).

        Remove building defined by the points (1,0,0) and (2,1,1).



6. When the neighborhood is completed, the user should press on the Calculate Spatial Openness button. In order to watch the Spatial Openness of each apartment, the user should open the Spatial Openness Results dialog by pressing on the Show Spatial Openness.
The dialog displays the value of each existing apartment. The apartment is defined by the coordinates of its lower right base point.