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Project in advanced programming:

Animated Circuit Simulator

by Leonid Kleyman & Evgeny Skarbovsky

supervising Israel A. Wagner

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   By double click on the element you will get the properties dialog where element's properties can be changed. It works on both - Toolbar and Matrix. While changing properties on Toolbar, all new elements of same type will have same initial properties.
   You can drag the elements from the toolbar on the left to the matrix. Connections you make by dragging the wire from one element's connection to another's (you can see if you can make a connection by changing the color of contact to red). To put a Connector (or Probe) you can just drop it on wire by dragging it or by choosing it from right mouse button menu.
   To make a connection to connector - drag the wire from/to side to which you want to connect it.
   By pressing right mouse button on element you can rotate the element, remove it or change it's properties.


   To start the simulation you should choose the time step (in msec) by clicking it status bar (otherwise default will be used). Than you can either or press Make step or press Start/Continue. (If you use Start/Continue - Stop/Pause is used to stop it). Reset Circuit - Restarts Simulation.
   Voltage animation is made to Wire Connectors and Probes, so to see something moves you should drop there connector, even if it unnessary to put it for electrical connection. Current animation is made to Ampermeters. Any dropped Probe will add wave to waveforms window.
   By pressing right mouse buttom on element or wire durring the simulation you can also see the voltages of all it's contacts and additional element's information, according to it's kind and state. To do this - choose info label from PopUp menu.


JavaScript example of circuit during the simulation.
Use "Start / Continue" or "Make One Step" buttons to start the simulation and "Stop / Pause" button to stop continuous mode.
Example describes clock cycle of step voltage source, as an input to

Reset Circuit Start / Continue Stop / Pause Make One Step


:-) Israel A. Wagner
:-o Leonid & Evgeny (Guess where)
:-} Israel A. Wagner's Home Page
;-) Leonid's Home Page
;-) Evgeny's Home Page

Last changed at 3 Apr. 2001