A Linear-Time Constant-Space Algorithm for the Boundary Fill Problem

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Based on the paper:

A Linear-Time Constant-Space Algorithm for the Boundary Fill Problem”,

V. M. Yanovsky, I. A. Wagner and A. M. Bruckstein, The Computer Journal.2007; 0: bxm004v1-5


Code Development & implementation

Mhameed Saeed

Abed Alkader Karam


Theory & Algorithm

Vladimir M. Yanovsky, Israel A. Wagner, Alfred M. Bruckstein


Computer Science Department, Technion IIT

Haifa 32000, Israel

May 05, 2007





Choose Fill and Border Colors by clicking the appropriate colored buttons.

To paint in one of those colors or other ones, select a color and click cells on the left.

To choose a starting cell, click the seed button or right click on the desired cell

To change the number of cells, type your desired number and click on reset button

To start the algorithm push Run – it will run in intervals as specified below. Press Pause to pause. Do One Step will advance one algorithmic step.

Continue will continue the algorithm (after it was paused).

To redraw the original region press the partial reset button .

Enjoy !