Multiresolution in Geometric Modelling
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Recent Publications

    Here is a list of relevant publications that supported the project application.
  • G. P. Bonneau, Multiresolution Analysis on Irregular Surface Meshes, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 4, No. 4, 1998, pp.
  • G. P. Bonneau and A. Gerussi, Level of Detail Visualization of Scalar Data Sets defined on Irregular Surface Meshes, Proceedings of the IEEE Vis'98, pp.
  • Peter J. C. Brown, Intelligent Transmission of 3D Polygonal Models, SIGGRAPH '97 (Technical Sketch), Los Angeles, 3rd-8th August 1997.
  • S. Campagna, L. Kobbelt, H.-P. Seidel, Efficient generation of hierarchical triangle meshes, Proc. The Mathematics of Surfaces VIII (R. Cripps, ed.), Information Geometers, 1998, 105-124.
  • D. Cohen-Or, D. Levin and A. Solomovici, Three Dimensional Distance Field Metamorphosis, ACM Transactions of Graphics 17 (2) (1998), 11-27.
  • N. Dyn and D. Levin, Analysis of Hermite-interpolatory subdivision schemes, in "Spline Functions and the Theory of Wavelets" S. Dubuc (ed.), AMS series CRM Proceedings and Lecture Notes 18, (1999), 105-113.
  • M. S. Floater and C. Gotsman, How to Morph Tilings Injectively, J. Comp. Appl. Math. 101 (1999), 117-129.
  • M. S. Floater and A. Iske, Multistep Scattered Data Interpolation using Compactly Supported Radial Basis Functions, J. Comp. Appl. Math. 73 (1996), 65-78.
  • M. S. Floater and E. Quak, Piecewise Linear Prewavelets on Arbitrary Triangulations, Numer. Math. 82 (1999), 221-252.
  • L. De Floriani, P. Magillo, E. Puppo, Efficient implementation of Multi-Triangulations, in Proceedings IEEE Visualization '98, Research Triangle Park, NC, October 18-23, 1998.
  • L. De Floriani, P. Magillo, E. Puppo, Managing the level of detail in 3D shape reconstruction and representation, in Proceedings 14th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR'98), Brisbane, Queensland Australia, August 16-20, 1998.
  • L. Kobbelt, S. Campagna, J. Vorsatz, H.-P. Seidel, Interactive Multi-Resolution Modeling on Arbitrary Meshes, ACM SIGGRAPH '98 proceedings, 1998, pp. 105-114.
  • J. Prestin and E. Quak, Optimal functions for a periodic uncertainty principle and multiresolution analysis, to appear in the Proceedings of the Edinburgh Math. Society.
  • Thomas W. Sederberg, Jianmin Zheng, David Sewell, Malcolm Sabin, Non-uniform recursive subdivision surfaces, SIGGRAPH '98, Orlando, Florida, 19th-24th July, 1998, pp 387-394.
  • C. Touma and C. Gotsman, Triangle Mesh Compression, Proceedings of Graphics Interface, Vancouver, June 1998.

MINGLE Publications

    Publications arising from the MINGLE project can be found on the partners' websites. Below are the list of books published as the proceedings of the project workshops.

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