Multiresolution in Geometric Modelling
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Name: Marion Bastian
E-mail: bastian@math.tu-dresden.de
Homepage: http://www.math.tu-dresden.de/~bastian
Host institution: LMC-IMAG, UJF Grenoble, France
Period of visit: April 2001 - October 2001

Project descriptions During her visit in Grenoble, Marion has been working on the following project:
  • Wavelets

  • Wavelets for computer graphics has been studied. Especially the approximation of functions using multiresolution techniques and semiorthogonal wavelets has been investigated. The considered wavelets are semiorthogonal with respect to an adaptively chosen weighted scalar product. The choice of the weights of the scalar product influences the approximation of a function. Some preliminary work has been done to extend the univariate results to the bivariate tensor product case. Jon Mikkelsen is continuing the work in the project.

Conferences Marion was sponsered by MINGLE to participate in the following conferences and workshops:
  • MINGLE workshop, January 18-19, 2001, Grenoble, France,
  • Summer school on Multiresolution in Geometric Modelling in Munich, Germany, 22-30 August 2001.


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