This is an e-mail sent from Dekan Limudey Hsmacha to all students (7/3/04)

Dear Student,

This e-mail is being sent to you jointly by dekan limudei hasmacha together
with yoshev rosh ASAT. The topic of this e-mail is the moed miuchad exam,
which is sometimes erroneously referred to as moed gimmel.

The moed miuchad was specifically established to help students who were in
miluim during or just prior to moed aleph or bet or whose studies seriously
suffered as a consequence of their miluim (see TAKANON 2.3.3 of the catalogue
of limudei hasmacha). It is meant only for these students. While lecturers
are permitted to include other students in the exam, they are expected not
to do so unless under very unusual circumstances. Demands by students who do
not meet the above criteria for moed miuchad cause unnecessary friction
between lecturers and students and, in the final analysis, are hurting
exactly those students that the moed miuchad is meant to help.

The Technion has and will continue to make every effort to help students
called for miluim. It was the first university in Israel to initiate a moed
miuchad and to offer additional help for those who serve. Its regulations in
this regard were a model for other universities and for discussions in the Knesset.

The moed miuchad is the privledge and right of those who have served in
miluim and whose studies have suffered. Please do not abuse their right.

Wishing you all success in your studies.

Dotan Bar-Noy                                   Allan Pinkus
Yoshev Rosh ASAT                           Dekan Limudei Hasmacha