Artyom Skrobov is a graduate (2006) of Ural State University, B.Sc. in Mathematics & Computer Science, and a graduate student in Computer Science dept., Technion

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Static Win32 build of W3C libwww

These binaries were compiled from source release (June 7, 2002), available from W3C, and complement the Win32 DLL binaries compiled & maintained by Vladimir Kozlov.

The binaries were compiled using MSVC 6.0 (SP6), and link to MSVCRT.DLL (release build) / MSVCRTD.DLL (debug build)

The external dependencies (expat 1.2, gnu-regex 0.12, zlib 1.2.3) were also compiled as static libraries, and linked into libwww – thus eliminating any DLL dependencies.