Tomer Shlomi's Lab
Departments of Computer Science and Biology,
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Lab Members

Tomer Shlomi

Tali Lavy
Research associate
Praveen Kumar
Postdoctoral Fellow
Hagit Sason
Postdoctoral Fellow
Shachar Raz
Postdoctoral Fellow
Eunyong Ahn
PhD student
Won Dong Lee
PhD student
Michael Balber
MSc student
Hodaya Farber
BSc student

Open positions for MSc/PhD students as well as for post-docs with experimental and/or computational background

Past Lab Members

Naama Tepper
PhD student
Roi Adadi (MSc)
Edward Vitkin (MSc) Keren Yizhak (MSc)
(Jointly with Eytan Ruppin in Tel-Aviv University)
Limor Ikar (MSc)
(Jointly with Gal Chechik in Bar-Ilan University)
Shira Mintz (PhD)
(Jointly with Asaph Aharoni in Weizmann)